About Us

Focusing on excellence and market leadership, MER Group is a world-leading innovator in the areas of homeland security smart solutions, cyber, intelligence, big data, communication – infrastructure & tactical, emergency services, defense and more.

The Group offers a diversified portfolio and end-to-end technology-based solutions that include consulting, development, manufacturing, integration and implementation. From developing intelligence platforms and comprehensive HLS and cyber solutions, through building advanced cell towers and deploying fiber optics communications network, to developing tactical communications systems, MER is innovative and forward thinking in all it does.

Established in 1982 as a family business, today MER Group is a publicly traded company (TASE: CMER) employing approximately 1200 people and managing dozens of global subsidiaries. With operations throughout Latin America, Africa and Israel, MER has gained vast experience and a solid reputation through proven global successes, while retaining the ability to provide tailored solutions to projects of all sizes.

Looking towards the future, MER is determined to maintain its leadership and relevance by remaining at the cutting edge, developing new products, exploring new opportunities and offering its customers the very latest services and solutions.