MER Group to Exhibit at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona

MER Group to Exhibit 4G Emergency Kit and a Cyber-Attack Monitoring Platform for the Telecom Industry

Holon, February 22, 2017: MER Group (TASE: CMER), provider of telecom, security, intelligence, and cyber solutions, announced its plans for MWC 2017, the world’s largest mobile exhibition. The Group will introduce CellBox – a tactical, 4th generation communication emergency kit for use by first responders – as well a security solution for monitoring and containing cyber-attacks, developed for telecom companies. The solutions will be exhibited as part of the Israeli Export Institute’s Pavilion at MWC, which takes place on February 27 – March 2, 2017 in Barcelona.

The company’s solutions include

CellBox – a portable kit that enables first responders to set up a tactical, 4th generation (LTE) cellular network that operates independently, without the need to rely on existing networks which often crash during times of emergency due to overload or physical damage. The system connects to all traditional communications devices used by first responders during emergencies.

Housed in a ruggedized, portable case, CellBox allows first responders to set up an independent cellular network within minutes, providing several kilometers of coverage. The network allows file transfer at 4G speeds, without relying on connection to the Internet or other networks. The kit will enable field teams to hold encrypted video conversations, transfer images, discover the real-time location of their members, broadcast live video to their headquarters, and more – without relying on existing communications networks. In addition, CellBox can pair with drones and UAVs, web cameras, and sensors to gain enhanced control over the situation.

The system easily handles communications inside buildings and tunnels and in areas of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, fires, terror attacks, accidents, and so on. The kit’s communications capabilities are based on LTE Network components, including Smart LTE Core Network, LTE Access Radio, and Interoperability Gateway, allowing data transfer at speeds of up to 120 Mpbs.

CellBox is used by security agencies and first responders in Israel and across the globe.

Cyber-attack monitoring and containment solution for the telecommunications industry –

Developed by MER Group, this dedicated solution for the telecommunications market proactively counters cyber threats in the increasingly vulnerable telecom sector.

The global cyber market has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, and hacks and cyber-attacks are becoming ever more common. Because they host significant amounts of data on their clients and users, including usage logs and payment information, telecom companies have become a main target for all kinds of cyber-attackers – foreign intelligence, activist organizations, and even the competition – wishing to get their hands on valuable information. A cyber-attack on a company’s core systems can impede its clients, damage the company’s business, and cause irreparable damage to both the clients and the company.

MER Group’s extensive expertise and deep understanding of the challenges facing telecom companies allowed it to develop this inventive solution tailored for the telecom industry. The solution introduces an innovative approach to cyber-attacks and, once implemented, allows the company to shift from a reactive stance to a more proactive manner of responding to attacks, by utilizing a platform that gathers contextual and operative intelligence from public sources, as well as from the Dark Net, in order to identify, analyze, and respond to various threats. In this age of extreme vulnerability, this solution enables companies to target cyber-threats jeopardizing their clients and eliminate them.

MER Group offers a holistic solution for the telecom industry, from risk assessment, penetration tests by a team of experts, and threat intelligence through the implementation of innovative technologies tailored to companies’ needs, to interactive training sessions for employees, who often act as first line of defense when it comes to cyber security.

MER Group considers its clients of the telecom industry to be partners in the global effort to provide high-tech cyber and intelligence services.

About MER Group

MER Group (TASE: CMER) is a global Israeli-based company involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and installation of technologically-based solutions for the telecom, security, intelligence, cyber, big data, smart city, and emergency services industries. Via its subsidiaries, the company plans and installs broadband infrastructure for clients around the world, provides engineering, planning, and construction services for renewable energy projects, and invests in Israeli natural gas pipeline projects. The company’s clients include government, municipal, and security institutions, commercial companies, banks, and communications operators. The company owns industrial plants manufacturing telecommunications towers, as well as software and electronics development centers. MER Group employs some 1,200 people and has dozens of subsidiaries. The group is active predominantly in Latin America, Africa, and Israel.

The group is managed by Nir Lampert and is controlled by C. MER, FIMI fund and Yitzhak Ben-Bassat and is traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange since 1992.

The Company’s executive offices are located in Holon.

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