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MER Group Awarded Israel Railways Communications Project

MER Group is establishing the NIS 22 million communications network in the high-speed train to Jerusalem tunnels:
For the first time ever in Israel, cellular communications will be available at a depth of 80m underground.

The project will enable continuous cellular communications inside trains traveling at speeds of 160km/h along 22km of newly constructed bridges and tunnels.

Holon, February 10 2017: a provider of solutions to the communications, defense, intelligence and cyber security industries, announced today that it has recently been awarded the Israel Railways project for the installation of a communications network along the tunnels and bridges of the high-speed railway connecting Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Construction of the NIS 22 million project is already underway, and its launch is expected during the second quarter of 2018.

The communications network that MER Group is building will serve the needs of emergency and security services and for the first time in Israel, it will provide cellular connectivity to customers of all of the cellular providers, while trains are traveling inside the tunnels. MER will begin deploying the network during the third quarter of 2017 and the project is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2018. For the purpose of testing the network, MER will conduct a 1.5km pilot in two tunnels prior to deployment. In order to provide continuous cellular connectivity for the thousands of passengers using the train, MER will install an 80km leaky cable that will serve as an antenna along the entire route. The cable will integrate advanced broadcasting equipment on the range of frequencies employed both by cellular companies and emergency services.

“Israel Railways is in the advanced stages of the high-speed railway project which will connect Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in just 30 minutes,” reported Israel Railways’ management. “This is the company’s flagship project, and it is expected to revolutionize transportation between the country’s two largest metropolitan areas. Despite the complexity of the project, which includes 22 kilometers of track being laid on bridges and within railway tunnels, including the two longest tunnels in Israel, Israel Railways will provide its customers with cellular connectivity and wireless Internet, at no cost to them, along the entire route as well as at the railway station located underground.”

Nir Lampert, CEO of MER Group: “MER Group has a long history of successful collaboration with Israel Railways. Establishing communications infrastructure in the tunnels of the high-speed train to Jerusalem is a first of its kind in Israel. It is essential both for the railway’s operation and for the provision of continuous communications within the tunnels, including cellular communications. We are glad to be a part of this complex project, which we were awarded on the merit of presenting advanced technological capabilities, in addition to our expertise. We will continue to seek partnerships with strategic clients in Israel and around the globe, by providing added value and leading technologies.”

About MER Group

MER Group (TASE: C.MER) is a global Israeli-based company involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and installation of technologically-based solutions for the telecom, security, intelligence, cyber, big data, smart city, and emergency services industries. Via its subsidiaries, the company plans and installs broadband infrastructure for clients around the world, provides engineering, planning, and construction services for renewable energy projects, and invests in Israeli natural gas pipeline projects. The company’s clients include government, municipal, and security institutions, commercial companies, banks, and communications operators. The company owns industrial plants manufacturing telecommunications towers, as well as software and electronics development centers. MER Group employs some 1,200 people and has dozens of subsidiaries. The group is active predominantly in Latin America, Africa, and Israel.

The group is managed by Nir Lampert and is controlled by C. MER, FIMI fund and Yitzhak Ben-Bassat and is traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange since 1992.

The Company’s executive offices are located in Holon.


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